Activities in the legal field

Consulting regarding the issues of Cypriot legislation
Drafting up legal documents
Participation in assizes (property, civil, criminal and family cases)
Drafting up the Power of Attorney in Russian, English, French, and Greek Languages
   for Russia and CIS as well;
• Apostille for documents in Ministry of Justice;
• Drafting up and registration of the last will;
• Preparation of documents for registration of marriage in Cyprus;
• Divorce cases
• Opening bank accounts for physical persons in Hellenic Bank and Pireaus Bank without
   client`s presence in Cyprus;
• Opening bank accounts for physical persons in BSI, RBS Coutts, Rietumu Banka and Sarasin without
   client`s presence in Cyprus;
• Inspection of business seller, land plot;
• Assistance in receiving mortgage for buying property, business;
• Registering the permission from Council of Ministers for purchase of property in Cyprus
   for non-EU residents;
• Receiving the licence, all the necessary documentation, concordance for business activity, building
• Registring the buy-sell agreements for property, and their maintenace
   (depending on the value of the buy-sell agreement), for example:
  – value of the deal from 17 000 Euro till 42 720 Euro – from 500 Euro till 1000 Euro
• Registration of Property Title, business;
• Transfers of financial assets (services 2 in 1);
• Minimisation of taxation;
• Creating resume of projects with necessary financial report, possible scenario of sale and predictions
   of expected profits
• Transfer of rights for owner (non-EU resident), as well as rights for plot (plots)
   with area more than 4.036 sq.m.
Opening Cypriot companies (we always have 3-4 working companies), with 100% of foreign participation,
   including services of nominee directors, shareholders, bank account, seal
Opening companies in other jurisdictions (Bahamas, Belize, British Virgin Islands , Island of Nevis,
  USA Delaware state, Panama, Seashells)
• Assistance with receiving of documents:
   – work permit
   – permanent residence F and E categories
   – temporary residence
   – identification card
   – Cypriot driving license (change to Cypriot ones)
   – insurance certificates (life insurance, property)
• Annual subscriber consulting service of physical persons and companies.



All the registration fees, lump-sum payments, as well as annual fees for companies administration, are taxed by V.A.T. at 19%.

Courier services, post services, DHL, telephone calls and other expenses (demanded by the client) are to be paid separately.