S.A.N. HOLDINGS LTD offers its clients full scale legal consulting on, including but not limited to, acquisition/alienation of property in Cyprus, as well as extremely important “accompanying service”, as: receiving temporary residence permit, Cypriot I.D., Cypriot driving licence, mortgage for buying property and credit for a car, consequent transfer of property ownership to physical person (persons) or company.


S.A.N. HOLDINGS LTD - registration # НЕ 221275, V.A.T. # 10221275F, T.I.C. # 12221275Н.  Apart from offering high quality legal service, our company represents the biggest Russian real estate agent of overseas property INTERAKTIV.

You can find out more about all the property by going to the following web-page:

We have already recommended ourselves as competent professionals and responsible executors, as it is evidenced by positive replies from our clients from Switzerland, England, Germany, Slovakia, Lithuania, Cyprus and of course RUSSIAN FEDERATION. 



We are always glad and respect our clients, doing everything fast and qualitatively for them.  


S.A.N. HOLDINGS LTD - is professionalism and reliability.