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Let us introduce You to ADMINISTRATION! What is it, and how does this legal instrument work and which spheres of interest can it be applied to?

We will talk about those areas of administration, where our company, without any exaggeration, is the best concerning the client service and the value for money.

We practice administration of the companies, trusts and estates left under wills or intestate. These are the main areas of our administration.

Company administration – one of the key services provided by S.A.N. HOLDINGS LTD, which includes the provision to the client of   «ready-made» Cyprus (and not the only) company with multi-currency account, seal, apostilled certificates, memorandum and articles of association. Apart from that, according to the will of the owner we can secure the right of ownership for the physical person, with possibility of glossing the information or data about the company owner, including the service of nominal shareholders, directors and secretaries, legal and correspondence address, telephone numbers. Management of the company with our assistance will save you considerable amount of time and facilitate your business in Russian Federation and any other country of the world, we will help to avoid unwanted taxes and other fees. The prices on our administration services are the LOWEST!

And now we want to tell you more about the service, which is offered only by a few companies, and among the Russian speaking companies this service comprehensively is only offered by US!

Years of hard work, successes and failures, trial and errors, allowed us to master the Art of administration of the assets and Bank accounts of deceased persons.

Our groundwork provide an opportunity to obtain in the shortest possible time the  judicial decisions and other normative acts of state bodies in Cyprus, allowing the employees of S.A.N. HOLDINGS LTD to become the Administrators estate and financial assets of the deceased, regardless of the nationality and citizenship of the deceased, and whether s/he kept in the assets in a company-purse, and regardless of the country where s/he lived. It is enough for the relatives to present us with only general information, as well as bank statements or any other documents confirming the rights of the deceased. It does not matter that the account(s) has (have) been opened many years ago in other country(ies) and the proof of this is supposedly only a minor semi-decomposed piece of paper

We have already achieved some success in this area of administration, that is reasonable matter of our pride. We are waiting for you in our office in Cyprus.